Sailability Scotland SCIO

We are a registered Scottish charity established for more than 30 years. Our purpose, to make sailing accessible to all disabled people.

Specialised Stable Boats

Whether you are interested in touring or racing, no matter what your disability, sailing is a great sport. Learning to sail is easy, and like everything, the more you do it, the better you will become. You will learn a whole new set of skills and meet many like-minded people.

Scotland wide

We endevour to provide support to anyone anywhere in Scotland.  We work with many Sailability groups throughout Scotland.

Hire or Lease

We have a fleet of disabled friendly boats which are available for either short term (weekend) hire or annual lease. See our Shop for details

Charity Status

Official  Charity.

OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator Logo

Help support Disabled Sailing by supporting us with a charitable donation which could reduce your tax bill!


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