Sailability Scotland SCIO

Here I intend to list any links I think may be usefull, over time this page will become an invaluable resource but for now here are just a few to get us started
  • Disabled Sailors Association - We provide facilities for all types of disabled people, especially those who have been refused by other organisations. 
  • Para World Sailing - The Para World Sailing Committee is responsible for sailing for people with disabilities worldwide. The committee is responsible for the Paralympic Sailing Programme including Events and Equipment selection. It promotes, assesses and supports programmes for Para sailing run by their Member National Authorities (MNAs) .
  • New to Sailing - Winning a gold medal. Crossing the oceans. Being in sole control of a boat at sea. These are things that disabled sailors can achieve, just as much as the able-bodied! With the right equipment, it's likely you can get afloat and begin to follow a dream. Those that try sailing often speak of the new freedom it brings them. 
  • RYA Sailability - With 202 recognised RYA Sailability sites in the UK, there are many opportunities for disabled sailors to get out on the water, whether alone or in a double-handed boat.
  • Challenger Class Association- I am not disabled but the Challenger gives me the freedom to sail or race without needing to hike out or risking a capsize
  • National Squib Association - The National Squib provides a superb sailing experience for people with disabilities. The East Anglian Sailing Trust bases its sailing programme on the Orwell River in Suffolk and recently purchased three new boats. The Squib class provided boats to facilitate the 2009 Special Olympics at Rutland Water
  • Hansa Class Association- Hansa Sailing’s design features allow total novices of any ability to sail with little or no tuition, almost regardless of the conditions.
  • Sport Scotland - No matter your age, gender or sexuality, your race or ethnicity, your religious beliefs, your physical or mental health challenges or where you live, sport is for you.  Sport For Life, the corporate strategy from sportscotland launched in May 2019, reinforces the commitment to inclusion that underpins Scotland’s world class sporting system.
  • Trident Equipment & Clothing - Call them, they deliver anything you might need! Call Us on 0191 4901736,